Devlog for Ver. 1.1.10

This is a 'halfway' update. and the full 1.1.10 will be this friday as which will contain Q10 in it. Again thanks for all your feed back.

-- added this patch --
You are more powerful from the start.
Press E to go into buildings
fixed a few gui issues
cleaned up tutorial more
lite version of the game now only has access to the tutorial, 3 quests in the bar, and 1 main quest in the portal room

-- future patches --
Working on a tab system for the stores so we can rearrange and add more items to the stores.
Working on a resolution scaler to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or fullscreen.
Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety.
Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit.

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Version 1.1.10 Mar 13, 2019

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we will be making one in the next week or so.

Is a linux release possible?

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We are working on the linux game now. we hope to have it up in the next week or so.  I'll send you a key for the full version if you promise to help tell people about it.  :)

I mean it looks really fun, so sure.

it will take a few more days to work a couple kinks out of the linux build. it is not opening for some reason in ubuntu. what ver. of linux are you using?

I use arch, my friends use nix, and xubuntu.

we will look into those this week. Please understand that each build takes about 3 to 4 hours to build and then we have to test it. so this is a thing we do at the end of each day and test in morning type thing. it will take some time. But we will get there.

Ok we have a ubuntu version up that should work... could you have your friend test it?  Arch is like rolling the dice, but please test that also.

Not sure about any enterprise linux, like rhel or suse. and this is the first we heard of nix... so i couldn't tell you on that.

I like the updates keep it up!