DevLog 1.1.15

Devlog 1.1.15

-- added this patch --

-Check out our new Gameplay Trailer at the end of this Devlog post and join discord for special in game items.

-Quest 13

-Swamp bubbles and vine lightning was introduced in this patch. Some more added damaging obstacles that you will have to contend with. Adding some interest to swamp levels.

-Some small fixes and refinements in several Quests.

-Linux version is available this Friday. It takes approximately 4 hours for us to build for linux right now so we do it over night. We are working on a better solution for this... but it is what it is. Should run in ubuntu just fine, but we are unsure of any other linux distribution, so please
join our discord and let us know.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VERSION WAS SUPPOSE TO HAVE THE LOGIN SYSTEM IN IT... sorry to say we have run into a snag in the coding end of things and will have it worked out,(Fingers Crossed) early next week. We are sorry this has taken longer than we thought, it is just that we want to make sure the system is secure. We understand we are not dealing with any really private information but we are dealing with your email address and keeping that private is important to us.

Our next patch will be rather large as to the complete redo of the village layout, the portal room and the introduction of the library. You will be noticing doors throughout the quest... these will be added features for our Patreon members as a way to thank them for their commitment to us and our game.

-- future patches --
-Login system. This will allow us to sync with patreon and give patrons extra rooms in some quests, unique spells, and some special side quests.
-Working on a sound rework that will add volume controls for spells, ambient, etc
-Working on a resolution scaler to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or full screen.
-Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety.
-Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit.

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Version 1.1.15 Apr 19, 2019 242 MB
Version 1.1.15 Apr 19, 2019

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