DevLog ver. 1.1.18 Magic shop

Devlog 1.1.18

-- added this patch --
-Added a lot of coding to the magic shop to get it ready for The Roaming Tower!!!!
-You can upgrade fireballs so they bounce off hard surfaces. This makes it get interesting since you can basically shoot around walls now.
-Damage and speed levels on the Ice Spears can be upgraded now.   You can also upgraded it to shot through multiple enemies!
-email and password are now saved in the client.NO MORE HAVING TO TYPE THEM IN EVERY FLIPPING TIME!!!
-a new defending walls side quest.
-new traps and upgraded enemies...  so watch out.

There are several new Patreon doors through out the quests and we are working on a Patreon portal for the village. Remember we are talking a dollar a month to unlock all this extra stuff. We have to pay for this somehow.

-- future patches --
-Working on a sound rework that will add volume controls for spells, ambient, etc
-Working on a resolution scale to allow you to choose the desired resolution and if you want it windowed or fullscreen.
-Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety. Next week will be the Rune Door.
-Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit.

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Version 1.1.18 May 10, 2019 242 MB
Version 1.1.18 May 10, 2019 242 MB
Version 1.1.18 May 10, 2019

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