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Wizards Of Alamar

Wizards of Alamar! Imagine if Zelda hooked up with Metroid and D&D then had a crazy love child! Yeah it is that good! · By X and Z Productions


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Rings, Wands and Shields! DevLog 1.1.22
Devlog 1.1.22 We have the Library done and are able to start adding in new items when we open up new quests now! YEAH!!!!! It has taken longer than we would ha...
3 files — 1.1.22
DevLog 1.1.21
Devlog 1.1.21 -- added this patch -- -Library opens up at 4 instead of 10 and will grow as you progress, plus item definitions have been added. -quests 1-7 have...
3 files — 1.1.21
DevLog Ver 1.1.20
Devlog 1.1.20 This is a mandatory update. If you are not using the itchio app then you will need to reinstall the game. No progress will be lost. The link will...
3 files — 1.1.20
Linux Build Available Ver. 1.1.19
Devlog 1.1.19 LINUX VERSION IS UP AND AVAILABLE. -- added this patch -- added quest 14 added quest 15 to the patreon portal in the portal building (kind of earl...
1 file — 1.1.19
DevLog 1.1.19 The Lost Tower
Devlog 1.1.19 -- added this patch -- added quest 14 added quest 15 to the patreon portal in the portal building (kind of early access) added the shield shop. go...
3 files — 1.1.19, 1.1.18
DevLog ver. 1.1.18 Magic shop
Devlog 1.1.18 -- added this patch -- -Added a lot of coding to the magic shop to get it ready for The Roaming Tower!!!! -You can upgrade fireballs so they bounc...
3 files — 1.1.18
Shields!!! Devlog 1.1.17
devlog 1.1.17 added shield function to the player. Just right click the mouse minor bug fixes future patches -- -Working on a sound rework that will add volum...
2 files — 1.1.17
Its huge!!!!!! Devlog 1.1.16
Devlog 1.1.16 -- added this patch -- -Login system! We will be picking several of our discord members over the next few weeks to receive Honorary Patreon Privil...
2 files — 1.1.16

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This is just a little area set aside to talk about and answer general questions of Alamar.
started by X and Z Productions Mar 19, 2019 Last page
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Hey we can take a bad review as well as a good one. The only thing we ask is that you put up some constructive responses...
started by X and Z Productions Mar 19, 2019
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StickyGame Tips
This is where you can put up some helpful tips for the game... Like checkout the About Us page......
started by X and Z Productions Mar 28, 2019
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Join us on discord and in a few weeks we will be rolling out our login system which will open up some special things for...
started by X and Z Productions Apr 19, 2019
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We will post some game keys here from time to time. It is a completely first come first serve type of thing. New Keys fo...
started by X and Z Productions Mar 19, 2019
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